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Hosting large videos

Either as on demand videos or pre-programmed streaming videos is a requirement for many organizations. Mostly social media platforms are preferred due to their scale and reach. However, there are organizations that prefer their brand for videos, their advertisements, their own intervals and a subscription based viewership model or internal viewership model.

Behind the idea

Vidya Hegde and Vinay Hegde, founders of Nandiyogapeetha Holistic Health pvt Ltd recently launched YoGigabytes, a OTT type platform for Yoga content. The platform has features to create subscription based channels(with on demand video content) for individual studios, live streaming channel and low latency live event streaming. It is during their interaction with a few studios they hit upon this idea to put up their platform for white labeling. The platform is essentially built around aws services.

While it is not difficult to build this type of platforms on cloud, it is difficult to manage and predict budget. It is very easy to go beyond budget, what with bots hitting the UI, users playing video and not pausing it, the size of videos shot etc. The experience gained during development of YoGigabytes is what is essentially being put up as a product by Vidya and Vinay.

A Yoga content subscription platform

Vidya said “Video transformation to right size, planning on when to have higher pixel/frame rate etc, whether to go for live video or for streaming content, the format of the video there are multiple decisions to be made. Arriving at the optimal budget takes time, effort and knowledge. We have been there and done it. Why not help other organizations with similar requirements? What we are essentially offering is the backend of YoGigabytes either as a service or with the current set of features as a product. The organizations can integrate with their respective front ends, web/mobile apps.”

Vinay added “This is not a typical white label platform. YoGigabytes will always be focused on Yoga content. However, the backend framework can support any media streaming requirements. An organization large enough to manage their own cloud may not need this. Our focus is on small organizations that cannot afford to manage cloud but have their own websites/mobile apps.”


So what is the brand for the streaming product?

Vinay replied “Right now it is ‘Yo’ & ‘Gigabytes’ put together for the streaming framework and ‘Yog’ and ‘Gigabytes’ for the Yoga platform. The work is on towards building more features onto the Yoga platform. During further development it is imperative that the streaming framework will slowly have features of it’s own. We will slowly evolve it into a separate brand.”

Great ideas start somewhere. We would like to give our best wishes to both Vidya and Vinay on their innovations.

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