Flying a crow – Viral headlines

“Flying a ಕಾಗೆ”

This is a direct translation of the kannada phrase “Kaage haarisu”. These days the phrase is pretty famous, atleast in Karnataka. There is no equivalent in English. Atleast, Google could not find one. The best google did was to find “Crow pose/one legged crow pose in Yoga”. Ofcourse, as a Yoga Sadhaka that caught my interest too.

In the search results I also got a few answers from Quora, not bad there Quora and Google. It says “Making someone to believe something which is not true”.

It is important that we thank some of the news channels and a person I hear is now famous as “ಕಾಗೆ flyer”. We have learnt some valuable lessons. The story I hear started a few years back when a young smart person came back from a trip and announced to the world. It is not clear what was the initial announcement. I’m curious on the exact announcement. How did it go viral? There is a lot of lesson in it for content creators like us. We have announced on behalf of our customers “Do yoga daily, it is good for health”, “A very focused yoga institute has started”, “An interesting book has been published”… We did get good traction and our customers gained. However, we haven’t hit the bulls eye in the viral department yet. How did someone announcing that he has come back from a trip to Japan or Russia catch the viral bandwagon?

To get answers to this question I did some introspection. I browsed through the social media, to understand which posts catch my attention.

“A hero or heroine’s pic would sell itself”, “flood, disasters catch attention probably again by the first pic”.

First header I selected was “How did this mom increase her kid’s immunity?”. A normal article on how to increase immunity by eating apple was given a heading “How did this mom increase her kid’s immunity?”. “Shocking, heroine, found a sobbing girl outside her home” for an article about a girl waiting for a heroine’s autograph along with her parents.

The idea here seems to be to grab attention by stating it like a sensation. Now I tried to connect the dots in the case of the ಕಾಗೆ story. The first interview would have been given a heading “Awards galore from other countries, young achiever, but not recognized by our own!!” or “a student from our own village, so many achievements, but we don’t care”. These push our inner “share this post” button.

This is definitely an art. To be able to make up very interesting, attention grabbing titles. Maybe the titles are all written and kept in a bank, something like a title bank. This gives me a innovative idea for a product, write an article in our site and we generate a viral heading for you.

I would not judge this. I’m no-body to judge this trend. In the era of big data, plethora of information, how is one to get readers to their content? However, for me it still will continue to be old school. The header will not start with “Shocking, …”.

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