Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Based on an initial draft by Etash M Bhat 6 years

This is a town house. It belongs to a girl who is brushing her teeth. She looks out of the window. Usually, there are chirping birds at this time. But today there are no birds. “They must have gone to get some food.” The girls thinks.

Next day she again looks out of her window. There are no birds even today. She is sad. She asks her grandpa “Ajja, why are there no birds in our garden?”

Ajja smiles and asks “Do you like to hear chirping of birds?”

The girl nods her head.

Grandpa gives the girl an idea. Accordingly, she places a bowl of seeds in the garden. She comes in and waits near the window. Grandpa’s idea works. Soon she sees several birds flying towards her house. Chirping is heard in her garden again. The girl is happy.

Moral: There is happiness in giving. Feed the chirping birds.

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