Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Navya Ramachandran

“Sam, did you finish your revision?” Mom’s stern voice came from kitchen. Samantha was reading the comic, “Spiderman and Black Cat Strikes”. She instantly closed the comic and opened her school book. It was easy to guess that mom would walk in. Her guess proved right. Mom did walk in. She looked at Samantha with an all knowing smile. “Are you sure you have read everything? You have only a few hours. I hope you don’t plan to study in the night. I would expect you to be in bed by 10 PM and up by 5 AM sharp.”

Samantha answered as if rehearsed “All is well mom. I have read everything”

Samantha was a bright girl. She scored well in all subjects. It was Biology exam the next day. Her favorite subject. “Mom always panics” she thought to herself and opened the comic again.

A few days later as mom sat working on some office stuff, she observed Sam quietly walk to her room. To mom’s sharp vision Sam appeared sad. She continued with her work as she had a deadline to meet.

Samantha came in to her room and sat down on the bed. She had scored much below her expectation. Worst of all she had scored low in her favorite subject Biology. She just sat staring at nothing for a while. Slowly she lied down on the bed and closed her eyes. “Never give up.” She jumped and sat on the bed. That was her favorite Tony Stark who had just come in her dream. As she sat gathering her though Mom walked in. She slowly came to her and sat. With an understanding smile she hugged her. She held her hand reassuringly. The most wonderful thing was Mom knew when not to speak.

Samantha knew what had gone wrong. She had been over confident. She was not the one to give up. After all she was such a big fan of Tony Stark. And ofcourse the pinterest quotes from Robert Downy Jr. She shook her negative thoughts away and got into organizing her life. Along with her time for comics she had to have equal time for all her subjects. She had to compartmentalize her responsibilities and hobbies. The final exams were a few months away. She immediately got into organizing her time.

Mom was at her work, as usual. Her boss seemed to be happy with her work. Reward for good work is more work. Sam walked in. This time it Sam’s emotions was obvious to even the cat lying on Mom’s lap. Sam came and hugged Mom. Her exam results had just come. She had done as per her expectations and was happy.

Moral: Do not give up. With dedication and proper planning one can achieve unto one’s capabilities.

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