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What does a man want? A good job, good food and a loving family.

What does a woman want? A good job, good food and a loving family.

What does the mind want? Reduced stress on returning back home. To be cut off from the regular hustle bustle and away from the traffic. Complete family and friend time.

That is what we are all coming home to, us who live at Concorde Napa Valley on Kanakapura road. A complete villa project that reminds one of a township life. With amenities like cafe, laundromat, yoga and fitness center, club house under construction, super marts, saloon, play areas, huge mango groove, … the list goes on and on; it is a very unique project in Bangalore.

The current villa for sale is from the first buyer. The villa has been occupied by a tenant since a year. One can expect a guaranteed rental income of around 20K. At 1983 sq ft built up, 3.5 BHK and independent car park, this is a pretty large villa.

A vibrant community with a responsible association goes a long way in making the gated community life simpler. This is what makes life in Napa valley great too. Starting with awesome Ganesha festival celebrated almost throughout a month, Deepavali, Navaratri and Durga Pooja, Holi and then the regular foody days with folks cooking delicious food and posting on community App for the neighbors to purchase; life in Napa valley is complete.

When we first moved here, we planned: it is a bit far from city, we may miss it, so we visit core city once a week. We also planned to goto outstation resorts once couple of months to feel good. It is been almost 2 years now. Visits to core city has just been a few times and we have never had to go to any resort. After all life in Napa valley is like living in a resort.

You can contact the owners for rates and discussion on: +917447434117, +919945225873 or

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