Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

-Anusri P

Our plot begins in a Gurukula amidst the beautiful forest next to the amazing waterfalls.

The guru was a simple and calm man. He was very comforting and friendly to his dear students.
One day, he was preaching his students about the many important lessons one must be aware of to lead a satisfied life. “What according to you is life?” asked the guru.

“Life is a misery, it’s filled with sorrow and dismal” a student said.

“Life is all about happiness and joy. There isn’t anything in life to feel low about!” another student said. The rest of the students agreed to either of the two answers based on their perspectives. The guru reacted to the answers with a subtle smile on his face.

It was meal time. The guru, served only sweets and desserts to those students who opinionated that life is filled with misery and dismal. He served only spicy and bitter dishes to those students who opinionated that life is filled with happiness and joy. The students were shocked! They asked him, why did he do so? The guru smiled and said “life is package of happiness and sorrow. It is fair and unfair at times which might either give you contentment or sadness. The sweets and desserts I’ve served you symbolizes contentment and the bitter and spicy dishes symbolize misery.
Life filled with happiness doesn’t teach you the value of working hard and achieving something and feeling proud about it. Similarly, life filled with sorrow makes you feel low and miserable at times. One who accepts both happiness and dismal with equanimity can achieve great things and live a satisfied life! Hence, one must know how to be happy even in the hardest of times and how to be calm and satisfied even in the fortunate times.”

Moral: In order to go through life we must experience both the bitter and sweet part of life and we should remember the happy moments and forget the sad moments to always remain happy!

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  1. Beautifully explained♥️♥️
    Took back to the calm and relaxed phase of feeling as it used to be while reading moral science stories…..Thank you 🙂

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