Perspectives Series – I gave her an opportunity of a lifetime

“She is a little bit too relaxed. She just does her job.”

“She is a very relaxed person. She does her job. “

“Meditation is a wonderful gift I have received from god. No better way to relax. No better way to think. ” Shreya is in her regular Sadhana. She comes out as a very calm person. Completely relaxed. “Those days!!” She thought. Her way of meditation sometimes involved letting the thought wander. Today she was thinking about her time in Russia. She had been there for a project. “I was almost at the point of conquering the fort. That was the job assigned to me. I had to obviously consider the opinions of Ms. Daria. It was a tough job balancing Radhika’s ambitions and Daria’s knowledge of how things worked. Hmm, I think I did my best. When Mr. Murphy brought out his law he must have thought about my situation. Somehow everyone thought I’m their foe. Kill me and all their ambitions will succeed!! I think I have to be satisfied of my work.” She felt relaxed. This had happened to her many times in the past couple of years. A disturbance to her otherwise calm self. The incidents of Russia troubled her. Meditating on it helped. She understood the reality. She had been to Russia as a technology representative of her company. She had to help impress the customers on technology abilities. The most complex part, was the key task of assessing the current project. This was bringing her directly in conflict with Ms. Daria. And without realizing this Ms. smarty pants, Radhika was frequently asking Ms. Daria for feedback on Shreya.

“Aah, how I wish things were that easy. As a client manager my role is the most difficult one. Everyone was looking unto me.” Radhika wandered in her backyard. She seemed relaxed as well. With time wounds heal. “I had sent her to Russia, given her such a big role. She was otherwise going around aimlessly. She just had to pick sides. Ofcourse, she had to perform. Being technology head if she could not code as fast as others!! I would say with growing experience people should be able to code faster. Or maybe there is no use of these experienced folks. With agile what matters is the process. All these high paid techies should be phased out. Agile is an answer to everything. Maybe I should create an agile anthem! ” Radhika was now at a very large position of head of marketing at a different company. The events of Russia troubled her too.

Ms. Daria smiled at herself. “I remember that project. It was fun. Ms. Shreya seemed to have the right points. But she became over ambitious.” She looked at the invite letter. She had just received a letter from a news channel. Their extremely successful debate show “Unnecessary Questions – because we have time…” wanted to get her as a panelist on their show. It was about the project. “How do these channels dig up information? Not sure, but will be fun to relive the moments. How, with just a few comments those folks used to be totally confused. Would be interesting to see if they have changed.” She had been worried about Shreya taking her place. As a natural instinct of survival she had placed a small doubt in Radhika’s mind. “Is Shreya really technically good?” Sometimes… most of the times, it was enough.

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As Shreya walked into the studio she was taken aback. The people standing at the entrance offered her paper rockets. What?!! Ms. Rashmi had called her a few days back inviting her for a panel discussion. Mr.Dineshan the CEO of her company had asked Ms. Rashmi to conduct a debate. He wanted to know what had happened in Russia.

“Oh, yeah. I know. I understand.” Radhika walked in confidently picking up a bunch of paper rockets. She waved warmly to Shreya. As she sat at her assigned place she noticed Dariya and seemed surprised. “Oh my, this is planned as an all out war room” she thought.

Ms Rashmi started briefing the panelists. “Our intention is to focus on important points effecting people. Mr. Dineshan, is a very good friend of mine and approached with this situation of a project in Russia that failed. He wanted to find the truth. We always want to stand by the side of truth. But we can’t be the judge of that. So mostly you will find me unbiased during the session. Throwing rockets around or breaking in between is allowed. But nobody hits each other. That is a strict no no. I’m sure after our debate many other channels will approach you. There is one particular channel that says they are different. They say they know the truth. It is always to the left… you know, to the left of the anchor. So when you go to their studio you know where to sit.”

It was dark outside. The sun had set several hours ago. As the debate raged inside, people had all disappeared from the streets. Everyone was glued to their TV. Rashmi’s debates where a sure hit with the audience.

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