Fri. Jan 20th, 2023

At we focus a lot on creative writing. We would like to encourage writers to join us.

Our first book “Etash and the Cosmic Balance” was published last year. We published this under the banner Tanzpuppen, our parent organization. It is a fictional novel with a semi science fiction and super power kind of setting. “The plot revolves around a Super Hero Etash, who is yet to realize his power. He is taken around on a journey by a few strangers during which he learns a lot, especially about time travel and travel through quantum layer. Are the strangers trying to help him? Does he really have super powers? What is time travel according to the author? What is quantum travel? The answers to these questions form the crux of the novel.

We are happy to announce that we got an overwhelming response to this release.

Initial launch and promotions were conducted at Townhall in Bangalore. Further events were conducted across Bangalore at offices, residential complexes and book shops.

With high pitch sales we sold hundreds of physical copies in about 3 months time. Further to that we kept the sales focused on the digital market while also focusing on improving readership by sharing the book as an add-on copy with sales of our partner business networks. We have got great reviews for the style of writing and the fictional plot.

Usually, writers manage to write short stories as it takes less time. It doesn’t mean they have lesser creative abilities. We would like to encourage the healthy habit of writing and reading through this platform. Short stories and articles will be published directly on the platform through digital medium. Novels will be published through Kindle after our editorial team approves it. For physical copies, since it involves higher budget, we may have to get into a partnership model. Please contact us for more details:


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