Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

The location of the house, the design, it’s aesthetics, the amenities involved, the climate around and the developments nearby; are some of the key aspects one would think of before making a purchase.

A layout that can almost be termed as a township on it’s own, a layout which is part of Bangalore but still is not, a community that makes you feel like you are a big family,a 2-3 sq KM area with all possible amenities: Concorde Napa Valley. The villa is a 3.5 BHK ready to move in property. A year and half back when we shifted to this layout we were not completely convinced. It is atleast 9 KM from NICE junction. We had to get away from the city. We finally shifted so that we could get a good community life for my children.Next few months for us was all about the children’s play area, us making friends with other parents, regular Yoga classes and drive to school or office. As it is said about Ayurveda or Yoga, the good impact is happening internally, strengthening us and bringing the overall better change. Then the best of times, Ganesha festival celebration as a community. The whole festive environment, the excitement and the events made me remember my Kudremukh township days.The stay in Concorde Napa Valley had just started getting better. Then came the pandemic. It was scary situation. We all stayed back at home and worked from home office.

The little tea time discussions at office changed to little walks around the layout. The absolute awesomeness of the layout slowly started sinking in.To be able to walk around in well lit roads, know almost every resident, feel the absolute calmness and almost understand the inner self, we were probably in a Dhyana Retreat of some sort. And this was to be our permanent home for life!!

This incident actually happened to me. I was driving through the bumper to bumper traffic near Whitefield. Everything was at a visible distance. Oh wow, such a wonderful place to stay, I thought. As I waited for next half an hour in the traffic and then about 15 minutes near to get into the parking lot of the mall, I kept imagining the wonderful life that I would have had here. After the shopping and the window shopping while the children and the wife tried some exotic burgers and refreshing Coke, I took a few selfies. We had come pretty early and now it was already late. Time just flies in this area. Oh, how I wish, I started again… Finally, after about 15 minutes to come out of the parking lot, we hit the road. Tired that we were after a fun filled few hours, we were anxious to get back home. Oh, how I wished I had taken a “gearless” car. And the children, why do they speak at such loud voices.I want to shut off everything. The radio did the trick. Alas, but instead of some peaceful music it was commercials time. Then it all started. The wife just remembered how bad I drive, I do not discuss anything, I haven’t taken a day off and I almost crashed into the truck in the front…oh dear. In just about 1.5 hrs we crossed the dreaded silk board junction.Something seemed to change, ofcourse not just the lack of concrete structures. It sounded as if the children were asleep… No, they were wide awake, looking at the small shops, trees in between and deep in thought.

Wife seemed to have felt it too. She looked at me and smiled. From Konanakunte cross to Banashakari 6th Stage, about 6 KM, covered in about 10 minutes and we were heading into the Turahalli forest stretch now. The mesmerizing heavenly layout, Banashakari 6th stage. Place where beautiful ready to move in villas are available at affordable price.

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