Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

The platform is more than a decade old and for some of you it had been a regular read to get updates on Banashankari 6th Stage.

We slowly evolved and got into multiple aspects of publishing – digital marketing, content publication, content creation, entertainment and book publishing. We hit the bulls eye with our very first novel – Etash and the Cosmic Balance.

Our focus has always been to create a product that helps the general public and then look for business within that. With that as the foundation we keep evolving ourselves.

Key focus points for us:

Regular Updates and Articles

Our style of writing and our content on the channels: hasayana and tanzpuppen have been widely accepted and appreciated. We have focused on organic growth for all our channels: Youtube, facebook and the website itself. Whatever visits, hits and readership we claim are genuine, interested and regular viewers.

We select topics based on an extensive research as to what should be written and also based on what the platform stands for.

Book Publication

Under the banner of Tanzpuppen Entertainment Pvt Ltd, we will continue to publish digital and printed copies of books, books with fictional content and books with thought provoking non fictional content. Our focus would remain Yoga, Kundalini, Vedic Science, general humor and technology content for both fictional and non-fictional categories. We understand that our novel Etash and the Cosmic Balance has built a reader base for itself and we have a readership for topics similar to it.

Business Network

Several small businesses are looking for content creation as well as promotion options. Hasayana.net has always wanted to support small businesses. For all the subscribers we will provide a page highlight in the platform. Further we will create regular content. Since, we have a large readership and are growing, the small businesses will benefit immensely from getting a presence on our platform.

Small Business Assessment Framework: Our in house assessment framework with tools from social media to physical analysis is well suited for any business person to test the waters before investment. Contact us for more details.

Residential Network

The 2nd main focus point of the platform is the residential network. We would like to provide our regular readers an option to build a section of the magazine focused on their communities. A discussion forum with topics of interest for the community, specific to the community will be provided. You can run the section as your own community magazine.

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