Concorde Napa Valley

Usual conversation I have had with my friends when we meet over coffee after a long time,

I don’t like the traffic.

  • Then why don’t you move out of the city?

My workplace is in Bangalore.

  • Atleast you can stay at the outskirts.

I can manage to travel and maybe work from home a few days. But my family…I don’t want them worried for basic amenities.

  • There are layouts with basic amenities like shops, gyms, club houses, play area, vibrant community, gardens, sewage treatment plants, water supply and security.

They are very expensive. And what about the documentation.

I do not say it out loud. But during such times I feel blessed to have found out about Concorde Napa Valley. A peaceful locality on the outskirts of Bangalore, it is definitely a place worth the phrase ” If there is heaven on earth, it is here”

With ready to move in villas as well as plots, this area has lot of options for the buyer. With Metro construction still not completed and the current slow down due to the ongoing pandemic, it looks like the best time to invest here.

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