Banashankari 6th Stage

We have been calling this layout Ooty in Bangalore.

It is said that entire Bangalore had this type of climate and feel to it several decades ago.It used to be called retired person’s paradise.

On one side covered with Turahalli forest, the other side is the Dwadashalinga temple and the mountain region. The layout itself has wide-well laid roads. The layout is strategic residential area as other than the arterial roads that lead to NICE road/Kanakapura Road/Mysore Road, the other roads are leading into residential areas. This means that the traffic you would see would all be focused.

Visit the layout during monsoon and you would be reminded of your villages. Croaking of frogs, the slight continuous drizzle or maybe extreme rain with gushing winds, no sound of blaring horn or busy crowd.

Visit the layout in winter and you would feel like breathing deeply the entire while. Who would not want to take in the pure air all at once. The calming effect of meditating here or the rejuvenating effect of going for a jog here – you can see lot of people visiting here for weekends.

The rates of properties are still within affordable limits compared to Bangalore or any other cities. One can also find ready to move in villas in this area.

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